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Who we are

Idea Behind Starting

Agriculture has forever been the core of Indian economy as well as our society, providing us with sustenance, economic stability, and cultural identity. However, as an industry, it too is marked with its own set of unique challenges – from fluctuating demands and evolving technologies to environmental concerns and resource constraints.

Problem & Solution

“An absence of an unbiased, efficient and cost-effective rural marketplace for farmers and dealers in India to transact while immersing in a holistic retail experience comparable to one enjoyed by urban India.”

On conglomerating these challenges into a problem statement, Agrozone viewed an opportunity to create a platform that honoured the resilience of the farmers, the innovation of the sellers, and the expertise of the AZ partners. Agrozone came into existence on __________ and was built on the belief of creating an ecosystem of farmers, sellers and AZ partners driven by technology to address the challenges and seize the opportunities that define agriculture in the 21st century.

The Solution

Our Motivation to Make a difference

In our extensive research of the agricultural community, we came across a lot of challenges faced by farmers as well as dealers in this ecosystem. We realised that farmers were largely dependent on retailers for limited or substandard product options and had to deal with a poor after sales service. Moreover, there was a lack of proper tools to disseminate information or gain product knowledge with onerous terms of credit through either high interest rates or very high sales price.


Our Mission

“To transform the rural selling & buying experience in
India; making it tailored, simple, reliable, informed,
efficient and transparent"

Our Vision

“To facilitate commerce between 5 million rural families
in India and multiple local sellers creating ecosystems
driven by technology, data along with a deep local
physical presence.”

Straight from the Hear

Founders Note


At Agrozone, we are more than an online platform; we are an organisation who understand the challenges and joys of the agricultural community. We are a culmination of experience and business acumen that we have gathered while working with farmers and rural India. After identified a clear gap in the value proposition of farmers and sellers in the rural space, we as a company aimed to acknowledge it and worked towards getting an ultimate commerce experience for the rural community.

As a company, we celebrate the diversity of our members, from small-scale farmers to large commercial operations, from local sellers to global exporters, and from seasoned AZ partners to newcomers eager to contribute. Amidst all this, we are proud to claim that Agrozone’s values still remains firmly planted in value addition, commercial success along with social development of India.

Dream Team

Fellow Agrozoner

Amit Shah

An experience of over 24 years in the
sustainable farming space, working with
over 150,000 farmers,
Amit is the Fouder-CEO and Director at

Parantap Dave

A Chartered Account with a rich
background in corporate advisory and a
focus on financial management,
Parantap is a whole time director at


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